White Hardwood Floors

While color trends come and go, white interiors are timeless. Decorating with shades of white seems to transcend continents, cultures as well as eras, always looking relevant and modern. White evokes a sense of tranquillity and freshness, relaxed but refined, the perfect canvas to show off furniture, furnishings and art.

Scandinavian delight - White wood floors

White wooden floors are often associated with Scandinavian homes, where monochrome looks are used to create restful, style-filled interiors. A pale, white floor reflects a lot of natural light into a room, a luxury commodity in the Nordic countries. Architects and interior designers often recommend a white wood floor to make a small room look bigger or to make a dark and gloomy room look brighter.

An all-white interior is not necessarily stark and minimalist, it can also be soft and welcoming. Depending on color tone, plank width, grain pattern and finish, a white wooden floor can look rustic, coastal or minimalist. A general rule of thumb is while a uniform finish using wider plank floorboards will give a more striking look, a white wooden floor which has more texture, more variation in the wood grain and between staves in the floorboards will give a softer, more textured look.


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Junckers white solid hardwood floors | Pre-finished from factory

Junckers’ white hardwood floors have an attractive, white-washed look, where the natural wood grain remains visible. Pre-finished in our popular white treatment, our white wooden floors are ready to walk on as soon as they are installed, no need for time consuming on-site sanding and sealing. Our specially developed white treatment looks equally good on our Oak, and Beech floors as it does not react differently with different timber species. The floors are sealed with an oil or water-based lacquer to give them a durable, easily maintained surface.

An all-white interior will soften and diffuse light, but paired with vivid, bold colors, white wooden floors can provide a dramatic backdrop. By introducing a strong contrast, white wood floors work beautifully to accentuate a piece of furniture or art.


White hardwood floors | Perfet with underfloor heating

An all-natural wood floor feels warm and reassuringly solid to walk on and Junckers’ hardwood floors are ideal for use over underfloor heating. A white wooden floor can be subject to more regular upkeep than a natural wood floor but thankfully, our floors are easy to clean – vacuum as needed and clean with a damp cloth.

Junckers’ range of white wooden floors include plank and two-strip floorboards, three timber gradings, structural and overlay options, a choice of timber species as well as finishings.