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Driftwood Grey

Grey Wooden Flooring

From the latest trend to an established classic, grey wooden floors have become one of the most sought-after hardwood flooring options in the last ten years. Easy to live with and suited for almost any interior, grey hardwood floors are the perfect, muted backdrop.

Junckers grey wooden floors retain the natural character inherent in solid hardwood timber – the structural grain patterns aren’t obscured by the grey color, only enhanced. The grey stain can be anything from subtly nuanced to deep and vivid, with varying undertones depending on timber type. A pale or light-colored hardwood floor makes a room feel brighter and more spacious as it reflects a lot of natural light, whilst a deeper stain with more pigment can offer a warmer backdrop.

Our grey wooden floors range from very pale, almost white to the strong, deep Driftwood Grey with soft tints of gold and silver pearl in between. Junckers textured hardwood floors, hard-brushed to remove the softer sapwood from the surface of the timber, exposing the structural graining, are beautifully highlighted by the grey stain.

Our solid hardwood floors are pre-finished, with a perfect, factory applied seal. This means the wooden floor is ready to walk on as soon as it is installed, no time consuming on-site application required.

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