Junckers CSR Report 2023 now online

4/17/2024 Read in details our Corporate Social Repsonsibility progress.

Junckers Launches New Plank Floor

2/29/2024 Nature is calling

New CEO Wants to Put His Foot on the Gas

1/18/2024 Thomas Bendixen is the new man behind the wheel at Junckers Industrier A/S. He is hired to take the strategy forward but also comes with plans of his own to accelerate the company's already positive development

Junckers Announces CEO Transition

11/17/2023 Junckers embarks on a new chapter as we announce a shift in our executive leadership. We are delighted to welcome Thomas Bendixen.

FIBA approval of HP800 SPORT

9/21/2023 HP800 Sport has been approved and officially certified by FIBA.

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