Volleyball Court Flooring

Safety, consistent performance, and long-term durability are some of the most important considerations when choosing a floor for volleyball.

For Volleyball players to compete at their highest level, they require a floor that is reliable, comfortable and resilient.  They need to count on a floor that will protect their long-term health and career.  A great Volleyball floor will always provide the correct amount of shock absorption and protect the players’ joints and ligaments from impact-related injuries. This allows athletes to focus on the ball, not wonder about the floor beneath them.   

Junckers sports floors have an excellent long-term track record, proving to be the safest and highest-performing sports surface available. This ensures athletes of all levels, compete at their absolute best.

For more than 80 years, Junckers sports floors have been chosen for gym renovations, recreation centres, schools, universities, private sports facilities, and even many Olympic venues.

Volleyball Flooring

Junckers has developed state-of-the-art, solid hardwood sports floor systems, ideal for all levels of volleyball - from grassroots to the elite pro level. Junckers systems are all based on a 7/8” solid hardwood, combined with one of the many 3rd parties tested and approved sprung subfloor systems.

The technical performance standard for indoor Volleyball hardwood floors is EN 14904 for multi-use sports floors. This “gold standard” assesses the floor’s shock absorption, surface friction and visual characteristics, along with vertical deformation. Junckers has a wide range of area elastic floor systems that comply with EN 14904 categories A3 and A4.

Volleyball Floor Solutions

Junckers has developed floor systems to accommodate a variety of site conditions. For renovations where the new floor system’s thickness must be kept to a minimum, the Clip System is ideal, having only a 1 ¼” total floor system thickness. The Clip System can also be installed on top of most existing floor surfaces.  Junckers BluBat and UnoBat 45 Systems are cushioned sleeper systems, that provide exceptional performance.  Specifically designed for applications over uneven subfloors, Junckers UnoBat 62+ and DouBat 120+ systems work well.  Both these systems can be quickly levelled with our exclusive, built-in levelling wedge system.

Pre-Finished hardwood Volleyball floors

Junckers solid hardwood floor systems arrive pre-acclimatized and pre-finished, which makes the installation quick and easy. Most systems are installed in 1/3 the time as compared to other solid hardwood options, keeping the project site “downtime” to an absolute minimum.   

Solid Beech sports floors are the most popular choice, selected for their uniformity in color, superior strength, and durability. If considering more of a custom or branded look to the floor, this can be achieved with a variety of species, paint, stains, grades and colors.

Portable Volleyball Floors

Junckers Portable Floors offer the ultimate versatility. Junckers A3, Pro Complete 44 and Arena Master portable floor systems all provide excellent performance characteristics, similar to the array of permanently installed floors.  All Portable systems can be hand carried, quickly set up and dismantled, and there are no special tools required.  


With more than 1 Billion square feet in use around the world, Junckers has earned the position as Europe’s largest solid hardwood sports flooring producer. 

A Junckers floor can be sanded and refinished to look like new, time and time again.  This translates into an expected 60 year + life span for every Junckers floor system. 

All Junckers sports systems are backed with a 25-year warranty. The strongest in the business.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance of your Indoor Volleyball Court Floor

Day to day maintenance is fast and simple using Junckers cleaning products. The factory applied urethane surface, protects the wood and eliminates hygiene concerns.  For rejuvenation, the floor can be cleaned and re-coated with a new layer of urethane to keep the wood protected.

Solid Hardwood Volleyball Flooring - The Best Choice for the Environment

The hardwood that Junckers uses is FSC®, PEFC™ or SFI certified, fully sustainable and carbon neutral, it is very easy to recycle at the end of its 60-year plus life span.

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Complete system control

Junckers subflooring, sports flooring, game line paint, and urethane top coats are all developed, manufactured, quality controlled, and warrantied by Junckers.  

100% Solid Hardwood

Junckers produces only 100% solid hardwood, for a long life span and avoids the risk of veneer layers delaminating

Improved hardness

Junckers flooring is press-dried, which improves hardness and dimensional stability.

Pre-finished from factory

Junckers Badminton wood floors are pre-finished at our factory, allowing for quicker, and cleaner installations.  

Exclusive Double Dove Tail

Industry exclusive Double Dove Tail construction improves stability and allows for ultra-precision milling.

In accordance with the European
standard EN 14904

The solutions fulfil the requirements of class A3 and A4. 



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