Beech Wooden Flooring

As one of the hardest timber species available, beech is ideally suited to flooring. Its strength and durability are unmatched – a solid beech floor lasts a lifetime. In fact, beech is the timber used for our range of professional sports flooring. Top athletes all over the world have competed and played on a Junckers floor, from basketball to squash; it’s even strong enough to withstand wheelchair rugby!

A classic

As well as being one of the most durable flooring choices you can make, a beech wood flooring has a warm and inviting look. Its structural grain pattern is straight with a fine, even texture which creates a consistent look.

A solid beech wood floor resists wear very well and when it does wear, it does so evenly and retains its natural lustre. Its uniform appearance makes it a perfect backdrop to virtually any interior scheme – a classic.

Choose your look

Junckers beech flooring is available as a traditional two-stave wood floor and as our popular new Twin Herringbone – a pre-finished parquet floor in a classic herringbone pattern.

Choose from three different timber grades, Classic, Harmony and Variation, for a uniform through to a livelier looking beech floor.

There are several finishing treatments available, including oil, lacquer, many colour options as well as our very popular Nordic finish. Junckers beech wood flooring is available in two thicknesses to suit overlay and structural flooring installations.

Add a color

Naturally light in color tone, a beech floor is an excellent timber to add color to. From pale whites to rich, dark browns, versatile beech gives a true color representation whatever shade you choose.

Our factory-applied colors and finishes ensures a perfect, long-lasting finish without the need for on-site application; a pre-finished beech wood floor is ready to walk on as soon as its installed.

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Beech floors are easy to maintain

Beech wooden floors are easy and straight forward to clean and maintain. Use a vacuum cleaner or sweep your floors as needed and use a damp cloth or mop to clean periodically.

If needed, a solid hardwood floor from Junckers can be sanded and refinished numerous times, making it look good as new.  

A sustainable floor

Environmental awareness and sustainability have rightly come to the forefront of consumer awareness. Our beech wood floors come from managed forests, are manufactured in a CO2 neutral facility and have full environmental credentials. A solid hardwood beech floor from Junckers is a conscientious choice. 

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