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Selecting the right multi-purpose sports floor – Perhaps the most important consideration in building when you need a successful, Multi-purpose gymnasium flooring

The multi purpose floor serves as the foundation for every sports facility. More than any other component, the quality and performance of the multpurpose sports floor system protects the health and safety of its users, and allows athletes to compete at their highest level. It’s no coincidence the world’s top athletes are consistently competing and performing on a solid hardwood sports floor – it’s simply the best sports flooring surface available.

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A decade with multipurpose sports flooring

For nearly a century, Junckers has developed and supplied high performance sports flooring and subflooring systems for multi-purpose gymnasium projects all over the world. In fact, there’s more than 1 billion square feet of Junckers sports flooring currently in use today. The consistent high-quality and wide array innovative subfloor systems, have enabled Junckers to grow into becoming Europe’s largest solid hardwood sports flooring producer.  And now, with sports systems fully stocked in the United States, Junckers has become a leading supplier of hardwood sports flooring throughout North America as well.

And now, with sports systems fully stocked in the United States, Junckers has become a leading supplier of hardwood sports flooring throughout North America as well.

Junckers multipurpose sports floors are always made from dense, strong, and durable solid hardwood. Our multipurpose sports flooring is precision milled and supplied in a prefinished format, so installation time frames can be fast-tracked - usually completed and ready for use in about 1/3 the time as other solid hardwood systems. 

Junckers multipurpose sportflooring tested to surpass the European EN 14904 performance standards

All our exclusive subfloor systems are designed to provide area-elastic comfort and safety, allowing for the ultimate freedom of movement and protection against injury.  Every multipurpose sports flooring / Gymnasium flooring system Junckers produces has been thoroughly tested to surpass the European EN 14904 performance standards.  

Multipurpose flooring / Gymnasium flooring - The Best Choice for the Environment

In addition to its beautiful appearance, Junckers multipurpose sports floors also provide exceptional longevity. Even in the most demanding multi-use applications, a correctly specified, installed and maintained, Junckers multipurpose sports floor will last 60 years or longer. Our solid hardwood sports floors are one of the most durable surfaces available and virtually unbeatable in terms of life cycle costs. It’s not unusual to see a Junckers sports floor still providing excellent service, more than 50 years after the initial installation.

And ad the hardwood that Junckers uses is FSC® or PEFC™ certified, fully sustainable and carbon neutral, it is very easy to recycle the gymnasium flooring at the end of its 60 year plus life span.

Junckers Service

Through regional sports flooring specialists, Junckers is able to provide expert, timely service throughout North America. Junckers wide variety of sports systems have been designed to meet all types of budget and performance needs. We want to learn all about your project, including all the sports to be played and other intended uses. We can then help educate and assist in the selection of the absolute best suited floor system your facility. After the sale, Junckers offers continued service and support with finishes and maintenance products, as well as the industry’s most comprehensive 25-year product and system warranty. 




Complete system control

Junckers subflooring, sports flooring, game line paint, and urethane top coats are all developed, manufactured, quality controlled, and warrantied by Junckers.  

100% Solid Hardwood

Junckers produces only 100% solid hardwood, for a long life span and avoids the risk of veneer layers delaminating

Improved hardness

Junckers flooring is press-dried, which improves hardness and dimensional stability.

Pre-finished from factory

Junckers Floors are pre-finished at our factory, allowing for quicker, and cleaner installations.  

Exclusive Double Dove Tail

Industry exclusive Double Dove Tail construction improves stability and allows for ultra-precision milling.

In accordance with the European
standard EN 14904

The solutions fulfil the requirements of class A3 and A4. 



Crystal Palace, United Kingdom

University of Hull, United Kingdom

Palais Dea Sports à Bordeaux, France

Francisco de Vitoria University, Spain

Newry Leisure Centre, Ireland

Havdrup Hall 2, Denmark

Welsh Institute of Sports, United Kingdom

Falkonergårdens Gymnasium, Denmark

Chevalier College, Australia

Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, Denmark

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