Fitness Flooring 

A good first impression, and a strong group exercise component. Perhaps the two most influential factors in health club design. The physical characteristics of a club needs to be immediately attractive to recruit new members. The products chosen must also be highly functional, and exceed membership’s expectations.  

Membership retention improves when members are connected to their favorite exercise activities. Offering a wide variety of group exercise programming, including Zumba, Boot Camp, Yoga, Step, Pilates, Martial Arts, etc, all with the appropriate equipment – especially the gym flooring - ensures the success of the club.  

Fitness floors with safety and resilience

Fitness centers and health clubs that choose a hardwood fitness floor have a distinct advantage over those facilities with other types of floors. A solid hardwood fitness floor provides exceptional safety and resilience, and can withstand the extreme pounding and heavy use of many types of group exercise activities. Junckers has developed several sports systems designed specifically for group exercise areas. All Junckers sports systems have unique area elastic properties to ensure optimal shock absorption in accordance with DIN and EN 14904 standards. This means Junckers sports floors have been tested and proven to be an ideal functioning floor for group exercise.

Gym wood floors by Junckers are prefinished when delivered

Junckers solid hardwood fitness flooring is prefinished, and in most cases, does not require on site acclimation prior to being installed. This allows for quick, clean and easy in­stallations. In fact, most group exercise floors can be completely installed and ready for use in just a day or two, with minimal disruption to ongoing business.

Since group exercise areas typically do not have a recessed slab area, the floor system thickness is often an important consideration. Junckers innovative and exclusive Studio Floor and Clip System floors offer the world’s lowest profile of any solid hardwood “sprung” floor. At only 3/4” to 1 1/4” total floor system thicknesses, Junckers makes transitioning to adjacent floors and ADA compliance easier to accommodate.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of your fitness floor

Maintenance of a Junckers fitness floor is simple. On a daily basis, it is more than enough to use a scrubber-dryer machine with a low dosage of water. To keep the floor in optimal condition, we offer maintenance products such as resin remover, degreaser and mild soap products.

Additionally, we produce our own sports lacquer. The lacquer is approved in accordance with the European sports standard EN 14904 and has a high ability to bond with the existing surface. This means that only a light screening of the floor is needed before refreshing with one coat of our sports lacquer. If years of hard wear require a more comprehensive refinishing, it is possible to sand the floor down for complete restoration. If a sports floor is regularly maintained, sanding down to bare wood is rarely necessary.

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Design the fitness floor or home gym floor with colors, patterns and textures

The group exercise studio is at the very heart of most health clubs. The fitness flooring for this area will often be one of the largest surface areas, providing the designer or owner the greatest opportunity to express their design ideas or create custom branding. Logos, graphics, and custom artwork can all be integrated into Junckers sports flooring systems.

Solid hardwood is a versatile material that opens the door to unlimited design options. Junckers product range for fitness floors contains a full color spectrum - from white shades, grey and natural wood tones, to jet black; almost anything is possible. Warmer wood tones provide the ideal healing backdrop for wellness centers and yoga. More vibrant hues can offer the right amount of pizzazz for Zumba and other exhilarating activities.

Junckers classic, narrow 2-strip wooden flooring creates clean lines which are ideal for contemporary or minimalist concepts. Wide planks can be used to create a raw and earthy, or naturally rustic appearance. Patterned wood floors such as herringbone or hexagons can be used to create unique interest to the space.

Sub-construction: The foundation for your fitness floor

Sub-construction refers to the underlying structure that supports the surface of a fitness floor. The sub-construction of a fitness floorplays a critical role in the overall performance and safety. A well-constructed sub-floor and sub-structure provide a stable foundation for the surface, ensuring that the floor remains level and does not warp or buckle over time. They also help to absorb shock and reduce the impact on the athletes' joints, helping to prevent injuries.

At Junckers you can choose between a wide variety of sub-constructions that will fit any need you might have.


Complete system control

Junckers subflooring, sports flooring, game line paint, and urethane top coats are all developed, manufactured, quality controlled, and warrantied by Junckers.  

Improved hardness

Junckers flooring is press-dried, which improves hardness and dimensional stability.

Pre-finished from factory

Junckers gym floors are pre-finished at our factory, allowing for quicker, and cleaner installations.  

Exclusive Double Dove Tail

Industry exclusive Double Dove Tail construction improves stability and allows for ultra-precision milling.

In accordance with the European
standard EN 14904

The solutions fulfil the requirements of class A3 and A4.


24 Hour Fitness, California, USA

Equinox Health Club, New York, USA

Lifetime Fitness, New York,USA

Lakeside Country Club, Texas, USA

Great Northern, Denmark

Fitness Gym - Orange Headquarter, Warsaw, Poland


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