Under Floor Heating 
Solid Hardwood Flooring


Design freedom without pipes and heaters

Underfloor heating is an economical, luxurious and very elegant solution without visible pipes and heaters. It works to perfection under Junckers floors because, unlike tiles and stone, solid wood is naturally warm and pleasant, whether or not the heating is on. The result is not only a treat under bare feet, but also a comfortable, even room temperature. 

Water-based underfloor heating is generally suited for residential and commercial buildings, while electrical systems are ideal for minor renovations.

The unique Junckers Clip System enables the Junckers floor to be floated over most modern underfloor heating systems, fitted within a screed subfloor. Alternatively, the underfloor heating system can be placed between battens or joists with the Junckers boards nailed over the top.


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