Dark wooden floors

Create a dramatic look with Dark hardwood floors

If dark wood floors have caught your attention, you are not alone. Dark wood floors are amazing and never seem to go out of fashion – Dark wooden floors brings a sense of sophistication and richness to the interior and add a modern and elegant look. Design your next project with dark hardwood floors.

Something old, something new…

Interior designers deftly combine well-loved pieces with the latest designs, colors and textures to create that coveted ‘comfortable luxury’ look. A well-guarded design secret is to include a darker element in a room, to help ground the space. A dark hardwood floor can be the perfect base.

A dark wood floor creates contrast

If you love colourful interiors, consider a dark wood floor. Both bright and light colors ‘pop’ when contrasted with a dark floor and our Black Oak floors will work with almost any colour.

Double up on the dark

Don’t be afraid of pairing dark with dark. Dark wood flooring combined with walls and furniture in dark colours creates a true luxe feel and shows great confidence. 

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One of Junckers’ best-selling dark wood floor is the Black Oak. A wonderfully rich, dark solid oak floor with highly visible grain patterns. Natural processes cause the oak almost to become black and this characteristic color gives the wood a very authentic expression.

The dark color in our Black Oak hardwood floor is drawn right down through each floorboard, ensuring the rich, deep stain goes way beyond the surface. This means our Black Oak wood floors withstand the wear and tear of daily life and can even be sanded and refinished without losing their good looks.

Junckers dark wood floors are pre-finished, with a perfect, factory applied urethane. This means the wooden floor is ready to walk on as soon as it is installed, no time consuming on-site application required.

Our dark wood floors also works to perfection with underfloor heating and the floors are PEFC ™ and FSC® certified.

Our dark wood flooring is available in a wide variety of shades, designs, lengths and widths, including plank flooring, 2-strip wood flooring, herringbone floors and the stunning Hexparket parquet floor.