Black Oak - Herringbone Plank

Black Oak Herringbone Plank - For all rooms and styles.

From ancient times Black Oak is known as one of nature's own products made of oak stored submerged in a bog for centuries. Natural processes cause the oak almost to become black and this characteristic colour gives the wood a very authentic expression.

Through a unique colouring technique Junckers has recreated this look and together with the excellent strength properties of the oak a very exclusive product for floors is achieved.

Delivered as Whale Bone / Herringbone Plank, which in principle is an oversized Single Stave Block, the floor can be installed in numerous patterns.

The Hardwood planks are prefinished from factory. Choose a lacquer, clear oil or one of our Black Oak textured and Coloured designs.

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This grade has a natural black look with some color and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Lighter tones of color can be seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood. Medium sized knots and fine hairline splits occur to some

Harmony thickness x width
3/4” x 5.5” x 27.5“
5/8” x 5” x 30.5”
3/4” x 7 3/8” x 29 3/16”

Harmony surfaces
Clear Oil, Ultra matt urethane, Colored, Textured, Untreated


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B 10.0
Whalebone Plank floors
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H 2.0
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Colors are very difficult to reproduce online and therefore the actual color on a wooden floor can vary from the color shown on the screen. Junckers accepts no liability to discrepancies and we always recommend ordering a physical sample before placing an order.

Healthy and durable flooring

Junckers believes in utilising 100% of the forested timber, making it a CO2 neutral company. All Junckers wood floors and selected wood-care products have received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling, because we care about your health.

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Underfloor heating

Get design freedom; choose underfloor heating – the economical, elegant and comfortable solution to compliment your Junckers floors.

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How to install

A solid wooden floor from Junckers can be installed in three ways – the clip system, glue down system and the batten system. Which works best for you?

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