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Sustainability, Environment and Quality

In a global world, it is not enough for Junckers to improve itself continuously on a local level. We always try to ensure legal and sustainable forestry, and consequently, sustainable products, more effective energy utilisation and good working conditions. We do this through our subsidiaries, as well as by trying to influence our customers, suppliers and society on a broader scale.

In 1930 – long before it became trendy or politically correct – the young forester Flemming Juncker searched for ways to utilise and preserve one of our most valuable resources: the forests. At that time, there was very little focus on the environment and sustainable forestry. When Flemming Juncker implemented his ideas about care and sustainable utilisation of the forests, his company and the beautiful Junckers floors were born.

Junckers utilises 100% of the forested timber. Junckers is an energy-intensive industry using substantial volumes of energy for the drying and processing of wood. Junckers’ residual wood (sawdust, wood chips, saw-cut log ends and other residual wood from the production) is supplied to a wood-fired power plant, which in return supplies electricity to Junckers and the Danish national electricity network.

As wood is considered CO2-neutral material and because Junckers generates more energy than the business itself can consume, the energy surplus is used to produce CO2-neutral electricity, which benefits society. That makes Junckers a CO2-neutral company!

At Junckers, we believe in sustainability and we support initiatives that improve environmental awareness. Complying with environmental legislation and environmental regulations is paramount to us and in areas where we see further possibilities of improvement, we strive to do more. We co-operate with internationally recognised certification schemes, such as FSC®, PEFC and others.

EPD – environmental product declaration

Sustainability has always been a focal point at Junckers, and we know from consultants, developers and architects how important it is to provide transparency and traceability in relation to materials.

Therefore, in collaboration with Ramboll, we have completed EPDs, which evaluate the environmental impact of our solid hardwood floors and by this we can contribute to simplifying the work process in the selection of floors for a building to be sustainability certified.

The basis of a Juncker's Environmental Product Declaration is a life cycle assessment, which focuses on environmental impacts from the following phases:

A1: Extraction of raw materials
A2: Transport of raw materials to factory
A3: Production

The environmental impact of the floors is thus described from cradle to gate and documents CO2 footprint, use of energy resources and waste flows.

Junckers´ EPDs are developed in accordance with the European standard EN 15804 and have been verified in accordance with ISO 14025. Independent verification of the declarations and data have been conducted by COWI A/S and the declarations are registered at EPD Denmark.

Junckers EPD-certificates:

EPD | 2-strip parquet floors

EPD | Plank floors


About two-thirds of our purchases of timber logs come from certified forests in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The forests are certified according to the internationally recognised certification schemes FSC® and PEFC. In general, we work consciously and actively on increasing the share of certified timber.

The remaining logs come from uncertified forests in the same countries, where legal and sensible forestry is ensured by the national legislation in itself.

Since 2006, Junckers is CoC-certified (CoC = Chain of Custody) and is, therefore, entitled to sell products that are certified according to the PEFC scheme (SA-PEFC/COC-007649), and since 2010, according to the FSC® scheme (SA-COC-007649).

For trading products – which today account for less than 5% of Junckers’ revenue and are purchased globally – it is our aim to increase the share of suppliers that are certified.

FSC® certificate

PEFC certificate


Junckers’ floors are CE marked, which means that the floors must comply with certain common EU standards in relation to safety, the environment and health. A declaration of performance lays the basis for the CE marking, which accurately shows how specific legal requirements are met. For example, this is applicable to fire resistance, degassing, compression strength, friction, etc.

CE declaration of performance EN 14342+A1 Wood flooring

CE declaration of performance EN 14904 Sport Surfaces


All Junckers wood floors and selected wood-care products have received the Danish Indoor Climate Labelling. A product with this labelling has undergone extensive degassing and odour tests. This ensures that there are no chemical substances in the flooring which adversely affect the air quality in the room.

Junckers also complies with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals), REACH is an EU legislation containing a uniform set of rules and shared registration of substances used. The objective of the REACH regulation is to implement a high level of protection for human health and the environment.

Download our certificates below


Lacquer for furniture and floor

Oil for furniture, tabletops and floors

Wooden floors

Oiled wooden floors

Lacquered wooden floors


Junckers is certified according to ISO 14001. Additionally, the environmental management system also comprises areas such as working environment, as well as energy safety in connection with electrical work (SKS).

Our most significant, potential, local environmental impacts are wood dust, wastewater and noise. As extensive facilities to purify air discharge and wastewater have been established over the years, the environmental impacts have today been minimised and Junckers meets regulatory requirements with an ample margin. The environmental impacts are measured regularly as part of observing the company’s environmental approval.

ISO 14001 certificate

ISO 50001 certificate


Juncker's product quality management system forms the basis of the company's CE marking of timber floors according to EN 14342: 2005 + A1: 2008, EN 14904: 2006 and EU Guidance Paper B and D for CE marking. 

The quality system is built according to the ISO 9000 series, however without being monitored by a third party.

The system includes employees, production and administrative processes and resources essential to meet the company's quality goals.

Below you find a content overview of Juncker's handbook for quality assurance.

Junckers handbook for quality assurance