The history of Herringbone hardwood floors

You may have noticed that more and more spaces are using patterns like herringbone wood floor and parquet flooring to add dimension and style.

The beautiful herringbone wood floor is recognized by the way the wood pieces are cut. Each board is cut in rectangles and then staggered, so that the of one board meets the side of another. The result is a zig zag pattern.

From Roman times through the Middle Ages, the pattern has been in everything from road design to jewelry. It was only in the 16th century that the design began used in wooden floors. The rich history of the herringbone pattern for hardwood floors makes it a truly timeless choice for both residential and commercial building designs.


The end result gives a unique and luxurious look to your space.

The herringbone pattern will give your floors the appearance of movement, which helps make the room fell more spacious.

A Herringbone floor from Junckers is made of solid hardwood and is extremely durable and versatile

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