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When Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace planned a London venue for its roller-skating experience, it needed a durable, sprung hardwood floor that could withstand the heavy traffic of a busy roller-skating rink. The choice fell on Junckers SylvaSport beech flooring, a trusted floor system suitable for a multitude of activities.

Working closely with the designers 93ft, the experienced team at Junckers’ approved flooring contractor Hutchison Flooring devised the optimal layout and choice of flooring system for the best roller-skating performance possible. A meticulous installation plan which encompassed working alongside all trades on site was formulated and consequently followed to the letter in order to bring the project in on time and budget.

The building for the new venue is a Grade II listed former power station, which meant there were restrictions on fixing to the original fabric of the building. The brief was that no alterations to the substrate were allowed, nor could the floor be fixed down, the entire flooring system had to be floating. The existing surface to build the floor from was a concrete substrate that was not completely level. To overcome the problem, Hutchison Flooring used a low-level New Era cradle and batten system from Junckers, which provided a laser-perfect level floor surface.

Hutchison Flooring lay a polythene membrane with a 150mm overlap and taped joints to ensure sufficient vapour barrier followed by the cradle which involved carefully packing to the exact tolerances for every sprung cradle to ensure a perfectly level and flat floor for the skating ring. 22mm battens where

laid in the cradles, brick bond staggered to create a perfect and reliable bond to the floor when nailed onto the battens. Junckers SylvaSport beech flooring was laid using a compression nailer on every batten on every row and 0.4mm spacers were included on every row to allow the correct expansion within the floor.

Inspiration for the interior came from the original Flipper’s venue run by Ian Ross in the late Seventies and early Eighties. The client brief was for an immersive roller-skating experience with world-class sound and lighting. Central to the state-ofthe- art indoor rink was a jet-black floor, an element the client insisted on. The black surface amplifies the atmosphere by maximising the reflection of the overhead lights, LED screens and mirrored panels on the sides.

Junckers black-stained beech SylvaSport flooring has the desired jet-black, matt finish to provide the perfect backdrop to Flipper’s logo which is placed in the centre of the rink. Specialist court marking company MJ Courtmarkers custom made CNC laser cut vinyl templates of the logo which was painted with

Junckers’ HP Sport Linemarking line marking paint before being overcoated with HP800 Sports lacquer.