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Oak is by far the most popular wood used for flooring all over the world. Its warm, golden hue coupled with its naturally beautiful grain pattern makes oak a timeless flooring choice suitable for any interior style. A durable floor which only gets better with age.

With a plank floor you can express a style and class that look absolutely enchanting in every room. This is truly the ultimate luxury of hardwood floors!

Oak Boulevard in the grade Variation

This floor has a rustic look with substantial colour and structural graining variation between the individual planks. Extensive areas with lighter tones of colour are seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood.

Thickness x width:
3/4” × 7 3/8”

Our widest plank flooring | Boulevard

If you’re looking to bring a refined elegance to your project choose Junckers solid plank flooring. The sheer beauty of a hardwood floor made from solid planks is an amazing sight. These long, extra broad planks, with all their natural details, adds a sense of calming elegance to every room.

Why are the prices reduced?

This floors is reduced as we have ‘left over’ stock from large specialist commercial projects that have been made to order and are no longer needed because the projects are now complete.

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