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As one of the hardest timber species available, beech is ideally suited to flooring. Its strength and durability are unmatched – a solid beech floor lasts a lifetime. In fact, beech is the timber used for our range of professional sports flooring.

Beech in the grade Variation

This floor has a rustic look with substantial colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Extensive areas with lighter tones of colour are seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood.

Thickness x width:
7/8” × 5” or 9/16” × 5”

Our original 2-strip wooden flooring

Junckers 2-strip wood flooring consists of short staves of wood in two rows per floorboard. It is an expressive, characterful wooden floor with the natural patterns in the timber prevalent. 

We have proudly produced our 2-strip wooden flooring since 1930, originally designed to utilise and preserve one of our most valuable resources: the forests. At that time, there was very little focus on the environment and sustainable forestry.

Why are the prices reduced?

This floors is reduced as we have ‘left over’ stock from large specialist commercial projects that have been made to order and are no longer needed because the projects are now complete.

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