For filling smaller gaps

For private and professional use.

A Filler Powder for filling smaller gaps. Mixed with water it is used for filling small gaps in wooden floors, table tops etc.  

Filler Powder is supplied in a range of colours to suit most types of wood.

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Technical Information

General Description

Junckers Filler Powder mixed with water provides an easy and fast drying solution to filling of gaps from knots and cracks in all kinds of interior wood.

Junckers Filler Powder is supplied in a colour assortment for most types of wood.

After curing Junckers Filler Powder can be sanded and sealed using the same procedures as for natural wood.

F 20.8

Surface Treatment Product Information Junckers Filler Powder Commercial / Residential

Product Description

Product: Inorganic, coloured powder to be mixed with water before use.

Technical Data

Mixing: 2 parts of Junckers Filler Powder to 1 part of hot water.

Application tools: Spatula

Surface temperature: Above 15° C.

Drying time at 20° C and 50 % RH - NY:

Drying time at 20° C and 50 % RH:: Approx. 4 hours at room temperature. Maximum hardness is achieved after 24 hours.

Cleaning of tools: Soapy water before the mixed material is dry. Dried material is removed by scraping or sanding.

Storage: Lasts for 2 years if unopened and stored at 20° C. Exposure to moisture will convert the powder to a solid insoluble material.

Direction For Use

Mix Junckers Filler Powder with water in the recommended mixing proportions and apply with a spatula in necessary amounts.

​Surplus material is easily removed with a damp cloth before complete drying.

Sanding: ​If sanding is required use the same grit of sandpaper as for the wood. 

Precautionary Measures

Before using the product, read the label on the container carefully and observe the recommended precautionary measures. See Material Safety Data Sheet for detailed information.


Professional woodcare for Flooring

Safety data sheet - Filler

Documentation PDF

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